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The Piercing Annex is popping up again..

The Piercing Annex is a pop-up piercing studio based in the GCC. This project is the first of its kind in the region, and aims to offer the safest piercing practices by experienced industry Professionals. While providing a carefully curated selection of high-end, hypoallergenic, and nickel-free body jewelry from leading designers in the industry.

At The Piercing Annex, we believe in a full piercing experience; our principle aim is to promote safe piercing practices in a professional and sterile environment, using the best tools and equipment, and the most recent techniques in body modification. We collaborate with the most experienced Professional Piercers in the industry to provide the Client with a service parallel to leading international piercing studios.


Ear Styling

At The Piercing Annex, we offer free jewelry consultation where our team will help you get the styled look you want.


New piercings need jewelry made from high quality metals to properly heal your piercing. At The Piercing Annex, we offer a selection of carefully curated body jewelry from big names in the industry such as Maria Tash, BVLA, Meenu, Shiva, and Pupil Hall, that help heal your piercing in the best way possible.

Piercing and Sterilization

Our piercings are performed with single-use needles by professionals who you will be able to have a one-on-one conversation with, ask questions, and discuss your concerns.

At The Piercing Annex, we maintain a clean, sterile, and safe piercing environment using the best equipment and methods.